Ancient Math of Ethiopia at Kamali Academy

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The Kamali Academy


The mission of the Kamali Academy is to develop a self-determining (kujichagulia) community of Afrikan people equipped with self-love, self-awareness, and a commitment to the resolution of our collective problems.

The Kamali Academy is an Afrikan-centered, systematic home school serving elementary, middle, and high school aged students in New Orleans, Louisiana.

When we speak of “Afrikan-centered,” we are referring to a philosophy and practice based  on the accumulated wisdom, values, principles, and culture of Afrikan people at home and abroad.

Through small class sizes and a committed faculty of educators, artists, and community members, Kamali aims to produce servant-leaders by cultivating a passion and capacity for life-long learning.

We understand that in order to build true community power, we must create and maintain independent institutions centered on our collective best interests.  To these ends, the Kamali Academy is dedicated to the greater goal of nationbuilding.*

“We expect nothing but the best, from you and those in the many priesthoods your academy hones.  The time has come for the new vanguard and, equally important, the time has come for the development and institutionalization of those sacred spaces of character that will guide them along their Afrikan Way.  We know that The Kamali Academy began in the context of such a vision and will continue to progressively, aggressively and uncompromisingly pursue this ideal so necessary to the achievement of the empowerment, liberation and sovereignty of Afrikan people.  Ase.” –Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

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*”Nationbuilding is the conscious and focused application of our people’s collective resources, energies, and knowledge to the task of liberating and developing the psychic and physical space that we identify as ours. It involves the development of behaviors, values, language, institutions, and physical structures that elucidate our history and culture, concretize and protect the present, and insure the future identity and independence of the nation. Nationbuilding is the deliberate, keenly directed and focused, and energetic projection of national culture, and the collective identity.”- Mzee Kwame Agyei Akoto  (Excerpt taken from “Nationbuilding: Theory & Practice in Afrikan Centered Education”)